Snap and crack of electric shivers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zel1123

My ears burned and my jaw fell slack; gaping like an idiot. It seemed as if space time waves lapped at my face whilst the rest of my body felt flush and hot, severed from reality by the sharpest blade imaginable. In my trance-like delusion I was unable to keep hold of who I was, it slipped away into the void just as lust replaced it, blinding and ethereal. A snap and crack of electric shivers coursed through my spine. An everlasting moment of ecstatic pleasure. I was helpless, unable to withhold from reaching out, feeling with my gaze and mind. Transcending common sense to a plane where the only sensation was that of falling through shades of vermilion dashed with bright sparks of silver. Pink hues and forms invaded my mind, screams and moans filled my ears whilst a delicate touch of salt lavished my tongue.