A Sexual Fantasy

— By divanastasia

I like smart, intelligent guys. I think brainiacs are sexy. Put your smartypants on and I'll take mine off.

I met one on tinder just recently. He wrote something about gender equality on his profile that I didn't agree with, and I swiped just to debate with him about it if he happened to swiped too. And he did. So from that good debate, we found several things in common and started to discuss about other issues, literature, and even more, philosophy. It's been a long time since I've had a conversation of this quality! He blew my mind every time, though sometimes he sounded a little arrogant.

I was about to invite him to hang out with my friends this weekend, but canceled after I found out that one of my closest friends that I'll hang out with later knew him from college, and disliked him because he's kind of a snob...

So I've never met him. But I always imagine a nice afternoon with him, having coffee and reading books while talking about socialism, and we would end up in his place for "further discussions" that includes physical demonstration of how a certain ideology he's against is fucking people's lives. Pun is very intended. His library would be awesome.