we sing with electric bodies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By neil.armstrong

The girl I love had an accident.

A very serious one so I haven´t seen her for two years, our bodies are so far away for many reasons, the time, the physical distance (I live in another city now) and the experience that we had in those years.

But I still feel her body so intensely.

I always dream about her when I have sex with my actual girlfriend, I dream about her body. How it was before, and how I suppose it to be now.

When we were together we made love for hours each day, with open windows so people could hear us and think of how beautiful we were; just looking at me in the eyes made her get excited and tell me "what have you done to me, I wasn't like this."

Just talking to her made me the same.

Her body was the answer to all the question I had never had, I could dive into her smell and into her little lips.

I read her books while she gave me oral sex, they were the best books I had ever read.

I understood how sex has to do with love and life when having sex with her.

We were brother and sister in our bodies.

and now she's broken and far from me, too.

It would change the world if we could make love once again.