silent love in the library

A Sexual Fantasy

— By secretly inlove

I can't stop dreaming about this girl I met at the university. We were both student in french literature, dreaming of poetess and in love of the French language. She was super smart and cute. I have to confess that I totally had a crush on her, kind of hoping she had too. But we weren't really friends. We just met each other every day in class and at the library... Staring and smiling to each other but without talking. And now in my dream and fantasy, I can't stop thinking about go back in time and giving her an apointment, maybe between two lessons, in the bathroom of the library. She would kiss me and maybe more, but we should be quite to not disturb the other students... I am so excited just thinking about this, being so closed to her, locked in this small bathroom, in front of the mirror or against the door, while everyone is studying. Having tender sex just before another class, just once...