Show Off

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wildestdreamer

I always had this fantasy of dancing in a crowded club with my partner. It's dark and the music booms against the floor, my ears, and my skin. Her hands travel up my legs as i'm grinding against her and she slips her hand under my dress. I didn't wear underwear for this exact reason. I rock against her hand and grind against her. A couple in front of us look and flush, but they don't look away. I make eye contact, then lean back to kiss my partner. She thrusts her fingers in my vagina and I moan into her lips as she works me nice and dirty--just the way I like it. she kisses my neck, leaving marks as she goes, and I turn around so I can do the same. I hitch up my dress and put my legs against her jeans and grind, and she does the same. the couple's still watching us, she whispers in my ear. and she talks dirty to me and I grind faster but pull away before I come. I lead her to the bathroom where she eats me out, I moan, and come hard. I return the favor, and she kisses me and leads me home where we continue what we started. Before we leave the club, the couple on the dance floor heads to the bathroom after giving us a nod and a smile.