Shopping Queen

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cebra

I’m shopping with my girlfriends, trying on a bra. While I’m still undecided, the curtain moves. Suddenly Ava is with me in this little changing booth, a co-worker of my best friend. She puts a finger up to her lips. I don’t say a word, but I feel her hand on my left breast and her other hand slipping into my jeans. My eyes widen in surprise, but they close again as I feel her lips on mine and her tongue gently exploring my mouth. I have never thought about kissing Ava, let alone doing this, but she smells so good that I am completely lost in the moment. I let my hands wander from her face down to her shoulders and to the small of her back when she stops kissing me and pulls her shirt over her head. The look in her eyes is as if she knows exactly what is going to happen next. I start to kiss her collarbone and then the top of her breasts, while my hand slips the bra straps over her shoulders. Meanwhile I feel Ava opening my jeans and attempting to push them down over my hips. I take my lips off of her soft skin to help her. As the pile of denim lands on the floor, I realize everyone on the outside can see our feet below the curtain. Should any of our friends come back, it’s clear Ava is in here with me. But Ava seems to have thought of this beforehand, because she gestures me to get up on the bench. Never have I been so grateful for a sturdy piece of wood, because luckily this one stretches from one side of the booth to the other and can carry my weight. Now it’s only her feet that are visible. But I forget about all of that as she pulls down my underwear and kisses her way down to where I’m already all wet, resting her right hand on my breast and teasingly squeezing it. As she keeps kissing and licking and sucking my sweet spot, I have to push my arms against either side of the booth. But Ava just doesn’t give my clit a rest. I almost groan her name when I reach the tipping point, gripping her hair and feeling little fires all over my body. If someone were to open the curtain right now, I’d probably invite them to join us.