She's in Control

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LittleFuchsia

I'm a lesbian, and I've only ever had one sexual partner in my entire life. I'm very submissive when it comes to sex, and my partner isn't the kind of person to seduce or conquer. This leaves me yearning for more.
I've always fantasized about getting picked up by another girl in a club or at a concert. She takes me back to her place. No sooner is the door closed, I am pinned against the wall and her lips are on mine, and both our clothes are coming off. She leads me to her bedroom, kissing all the way. The next thing I know, I'm on my knees, my face is in her pussy, and she's got a fist of my hair using my tongue like a vibrator. She uses me until she cums so hard, squirting all over my face. Afterwards, she handcuffs me to her headboard, and fucks me with a double-ended dildo. While she's fucking me, my partner calls. I try to keep a straight face, but it's too good and I moan into the phone. My partner masturbates on the other end and orgasms to the sound of me getting fucked. My new lover and I cum so hard. She forces me to scream her name so my partner can hear. My new lover says my partner needs to come with me next time.