Sensory Overload

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Golkonda

She puts on some music as he passes her a drink. He sits on the floor, leaning against the wall. In the darkness around him she dances to the song. Drops of ice water glass slide on her neck. A light shines, she follows the beam as it caresses her body everywhere. The light leads her to a corner of the room. With legs spread and hands on the wall she thrusts out her ass. He approaches her from behind. He puts the flashlight up on the floor between her spread legs, and light shines on her furrow. He removes her short dress with ease.

The dress falls on the flashlight, emitting soft red light. With her hands on his, he strokes her body. With his palms, he gently spreads her thighs further, leaving her pussy gasping between his palms, red hot and begging for penetration. He rubs her clitoris, eliciting moans across her lips. He suck her tits. Now she is snug behind him. With one hand she jerks off his cock.

He squeezes her voluptuous ass cheeks leaning against the wall with his forehead. She leans back on her tip toes to suck and nibble his neck. Pulling him softly by his cock she pushes him on the nearby chair. Raiding his bull horn in every direction. One of her legs is on top of a book pile by the chair. Her toes rest on the words of love poem.

Sensing her body surrendering to orgasm, and on the cusp of his own, he carries her in his arms, rising from the chair to open the blinds and let in the bright lights of the city. Together they fall down on the floor. Between them the flashlight.