Security Check

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Peppy

So I was in the Mumbai Airport in India recently and they had so many security checks on every corner... At one of them I was instructed to go through the scanner first and then proceed in a cloaked section where a security officer had to scan my body. In this compartment it was only me and her. And from her first look and her voice I felt something. She told me to put my hands up and proceeded with the check-up. She started leading a conversation with me while touching my body. "How are you feeling?", she asked while deeply looking through me. "Great!" I replied, smiling. "Do you like bindi?" (the dot worn on the forehead, I was wearing it at the time and she was too). I confirmed. I told her I was in India for a friend's wedding and she asked me if I liked it to which I replied yes of course. Now at that point she was already taking longer than one should at a check-up and I had never experienced talking with the security officer apart from "Come here / Okay / Bye". I suspect she was gay and maybe that's why she choose such a job ;) I must say I did enjoy the short time so much though and when we had to say bye and I left I was already wet! I couldn't help it and imagined what it could have been if somehow we could have continued the check-up alone somewhere else... Like if she would take a break and lead me to another room where we can continue. We would then kiss passionately and couldn't get our hands off of each other. She would check also underneath my clothes and after a while take them off (but not all of them). She would start fingering me while kissing me and while our breasts rub against each other. I would get so wet that then we take off all our clothes and make out for some time, kissing every spot on our bare skins. After that we proceed to have 69 with me being on top and have the craziest, most passionate sex until we both come in the end. After all of that, we get dressed again and she says "Okay, now I'm sure you're safe and good to go ;)" We say bye playfully and proceed with our lives, while being lit up and cheerful. (You can add some things or changes to the sex scene, but I found the idea and the story cool and hadn't seen such a film before, so I would love to see it filmed!) ♥ Thank you very much in advance, Erika, you are a true inspiration and give me hope for the world! :))