Kiss My Scars

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Simplex

I'm a trans woman, and my girlfriend has been with me since a few months after I started on hormones a few years back. A little over a year ago I was finally able to afford a vaginoplasty, something I'd wanted for a while, even before I met her. It's incredible being able to see myself look right, and the only thing out of place are two small scars along my groin. My girlfriend knows I don't particularly like them, and so when I'm having a particularly bad body day she leans over and kisses me. When I come to bed she strips me down quickly and ties me to the bed frame, and after she teases me (usually for quite a while), she goes down on me, eating me out until I'm writhing on the bed trying to get out of the restraints so I can kiss her. When she finishes, she peppers kisses along my thighs and works her way to my scars, telling me how beautiful I am. I know it's super sappy but somehow hearing it from her when I'm tied down like that makes me feel like maybe she's right.