Sauna consciousness fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dildo Baggins

The sauna is a sacred place of zen and stillness. A place to reconnect to the self and feel utterly peaceful. In this state all my senses are enhanced. I can feel the sweat dripping down my body, over my nipples and entering the crevice of my lips. Every touch of my body feels warm, wet and pleasurable. I can hear the sound of my breath with every touch. I imagine a beautiful dark red headed woman. I've seen her once before in a public bathhouse. I've never felt so aroused by the sight of a woman before. Her dark red hair resting against her pale skin. Her hair leading down to her lightly tattooed body. Her breasts perked. I'm in awe. I wonder if I've been staring at her for too long that others have noticed. My body is wet with sweat, my heart is pounding. I run my hands over my nipples, pinching them as I imagine the red headed woman standing in the sauna with me naked. I begin to caress my body, gently running my nails back and forth, feeling every touch with heightened senses. As my hand touches my clitoris I imagine the red haired woman eating out my wet pussy. As I rub gently, she's licking my clitoris gently, as I rub faster she's licking my clitoris faster. I can feel the pulsating pleasure throughout my entire body with every heart beat. The red haired woman climbs on top of me. Her warm wet vagina begins rubbing against mine. She thrusts back and forth, holding my left leg up towards the sauna ceiling. She thrusts harder and then slower, alternating between intense pleasure and calmer pleasure, leaving me wanting her more and making me more wet. As my hand continues rubbing my clitoris she thrusts faster, until my whole body tenses and tingles. I let out a pleasurable scream. I'm panting, almost feeling out of breath. I return to the real world of being in the sauna alone and let my body and mind feel the complete state of pleasurable relaxation I'm in.