I had the same dirty dream for a week ... and I loved it

A Sexual Fantasy

— By zouzou

During this holiday, I see a man younger than me and he is gorgeous. But I'm shy, so I don't go up to him or talk to him or anything else.
I don't know what he thinks about me, but when I look at him sometimes I see that he looking at me as well, and I turn away.


But when the night comes, I dream of him: we are at the swimming pool and this time he comes to me, and the next second pushes me against the side of the pool and kisses me so softly. After, he turns away to leave but I take his arm and continue to kiss him. We are in the swimming pool bodies against each other. It is wonderful.

With all these emotions, I wake up and I feel like it really happened. I was excited, and every single night of the week, I had the same dream, and I loved it.