A Sexual Fantasy

— By castaways

My best friend of ten years and I left our home town and went to university together. We shared a small dorm room and we always ended up talking in the dark before we fell asleep. On New Year's Eve, her boyfriend held a party at his house. In our state we became overly touchy with one another which no one gave a second thought to because we were such close friends. As the night went on, she confessed she was really interested in experimenting with a girl. This spiked my interest, even though I had never thought of this myself. The night continued and we rang in the new year.
I decided to sleep over in a spare bedroom for the night. After a little while my friend crawled into my bed, which wasn't unusual for us... But there was some serious sexual tension from our previous conversation. After sitting in silence, just staring at each other, I gave up fighting it and kissed her. We pounced on each other, while her boyfriend was just a room away. Before I knew it my hands were wandering all over her body. I played with her nipples, grabbed her hips, and eventually worked my hand inside her pants. She was gyrating her hips over my leg and moaning... I had to cover her mouth to keep us from being caught, which made it all the more exciting. Finally we fell asleep just as the sun started to come up. We certainly rang in the new year with an interesting start.
The next morning we couldn't help but sneak glances at eachother while her boyfriend was completely unaware of what had happened the previous night...
Our friendship didn't handle the ripple effect of our actions, however I don't think either of us would change how we learned about our sexualities.