Rooftop Romp

A Sexual Fantasy

— By FanGramma

When I lived in Kansas I was with a guy who recently divorced (He was almost Luke Hotrod hot). It was a total rebound, but I was just looking to have fun and was totally cool with it. Anyway, he got busted with a DUI and they put him under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Since he couldn't go anywhere, he brought the party to his house. We were pretty drunk and started getting hot and heavy in front of everyone. Being the innocent girlie I was back then, I got a little embarrassed. All his rooms were occupied and he couldn't go anywhere beyond his yard because of the ankle alarm. So, he has the brilliant idea to climb on the roof. One of his friends was already up there and more drunk than we were.
I told him it was fine and he could totally stay. (He was hot too!). We were all over each other in seconds. I´m not sure what came over me, but I asked my guy if his friend could join us. I had my first 3-some on a roof in the middle of nowhere in Kansas. Picture me straddling a roof apex on all fours with one guy in my mouth and the other in my rear.
What was funny was that the cops ended up showing up because the roof was so tall, he was detected as being out of range! They didn't arrest him, though!