Programmed Passions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cyberlifegirl

I love robots and the idea of Artificial Intelligence. I often think about what mankind has achieved as a species with technology, and how we'd probably still be living in the agricultural age if we never created machines. These days, we have invented a machine for every convenience and desire we could imagine.

Yet when the topic of sex robots comes up, I hear nothing but negativity. People say their existence will make the act of sex a commodity; corporate, industrial, cold. Unfeeling. Like all the humanity will be taken away. After all, why would you put effort into dating when you can get what you want packaged and personalized for your immediate consumption?

But I think it could be brilliant. I think I could love a robot. It'd have to be a very lifelike looking robot, like an android, but all the same; I could love those precise touches. The intense focus. Cold metal turning warm on my skin. My lover may be Artificial, but they are still Intelligent. Is there life behind the circuitry? They would be made to think like us, to be like us. Who are we to say they could not love like us?