The priest's deepest sins

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

I am a confessor. One of the last times, beyond the grille, I heard a woman's voice saying: "Father, the hour has come: you will confess your sins to me." Through the confessional holes I saw a beautiful face, framed by the white veil. She was the nun of which I was spiritual father and confessor. "Come on, father. Open yourself to me as I am open to you. And I will be more and more... " She spoke softly; she doesn’t blow the words, she spoke with a dark tone, almost masculine, coming from her deepest soul; the voice screeched with the angelic face I was seeing. "... Open ... to you." My cock became instantly hard. And then the promise: "... I will be more and more ..." I said: "Sister, the Catholic Church Catechism does not admit that confession ..." I felt a hand, her hand, going under the curtain of the confessional and grabing my dick. "And this, does the Catechism admits this?" The hand, sure, crept under my cassock and began to slide along my cock that was about to explode. "And the Canon? Does it consider this? Well, father, have you sinned in thoughts, works and omissions? Confess, confess as well. "In all I sinned, holy sister. I see behind the veils and talk straight to your lips. I imagine them obscene and wide open on my quivering cock, horrendously chipped by the movement of my flesh in your mouth. So often I sinned in rubbing on the shoulders of youths of both sexes who came to me outbursting of love. So violent was the search of orgasm, the red glans hurting me. All those moments coming to mind. Me and your sister nun that you love so much, we have always hidden the lust of the relationship that exists between us. Once, in particular, we went to fuck in your cell, imagining that you were among us. And when I was ready to cum, she shrugged off my throbbing cock from her pussy and started squirting my seed on the slip that you had placed on your bed. Never, in my life, I had felt a sense of emptiness like that. And now, sister, do you absolve me?"