Power Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By queenqueen

When I was younger I had a one week fling with a man older than me who I never quite got over. I was 18, he was 30 and I spent the week with him in NYC. He was worldly, wise and much more experienced than me in every way - especially sexually. He was the first man to ever make me cum and I did things with him I never knew possible. We would stay up all night having mind -blowing sex and then in between he would tell me about his philosophies on life and all the things he has learned over the years. After the week was over I was completely changed and was convinced I was in love. To my heart break he talked to me less and less after I left. It has now been 5 years and I haven't forgotten him. Since then I have grown up and am much more experienced in life and sex. I have traveled the world, had immense success in my career, had countless love affairs and am a confident woman.

My fantasy is to have sex with him once more - this time I want to give him an experience HE will never forget. I have imagined this scenario in my head again and again. I run into him at an art show. I look completely fabulous in a red dress (red is my power color). He sees me across the room and is stunned. We make eye contact - I am no longer a shy little girl - I look him dead in the eye with confidence. I walk over to him with grace and purpose. We chat a bit and I charm him with my wit - no longer stuttering over my words like I used to.

I end up taking him back to MY place. My apartment is sophisticated with mementos of all the things I have done since the last time he saw me. Soon we start to have sex. He tries at first to take control, just like he used to. I let him for a while but then take over. Now I am in the lead. I undress in front of him until I am completely naked, standing unashamed and confident in my skin. I touch myself and he starts to lose it. I undress him and start giving him skilled head. Then I straddle him and ride. I fuck him the entire night - one he will never forget. Afterwards I never contact him again. I am triumphant.