Pleasure Guaranteed or Your Money Back

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nhcovey

My fantasy is a Christian Grey type fantasy, except I get off on pleasuring women, not hurting them.
I'm a wealthy and successful shady character. I find women on meet up sites, swinger sites. If they want to meet, I take her to an upmarket restaurant where we discuss the proposal over dinner. The deal is if she gives me her body for the night I will give her the best night of her life. I am in love with my career, with no need for a partner, so I make sure she is only after sexual satisfaction. If she agrees, a list of actions and toys is agreed, much the same as in 50 shades. I leave her with a card with a number and a date and time. On that date she's picked up and driven to a penthouse apartment. When she arrives, we talk over a glass of wine until she is comfortable. I strip her nude, and lay her face down on the bed, her wrists and ankles tied to each corner of the bed. Using a range of toys I make her orgasm over and over. Then I use my body aswell. In the morning, when she wakes, she showers, changes and eats. Then she leaves, without a kiss.