A Photoshoot in Paris

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kiitos

Paris. Searching for a beauty reflecting purity and brightness, a professional photographer, Vivian, meet Gala, a young dancer. Vivian invites Gala in her professional studio. She starts taking picture in the format of portrait. Little by little with kindness and tenderness Vivian invites Gala to take off her shirt. She's got a beautiful skin. She's the embodiment of youth and vital energy. She wears a medal of the Virgin. Vivian too. A sweet and inspiring music starts: 'Meriem song'. The photographer shoots little by little many pictures. At each one, Gala takes off a piece of clothing, Vivian does the same, until Gala is completely naked. Vivian takes the last picture. The two naked bodies are laying on the ground of the studio, There's a a first long kiss. Both trembling for the discovery, the projectors are still lightning the scene. The two women are making love.