Ovulation Celebration

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexgoddess

I fucking love when my ovulation starts. My sex-drive is normally quite low, but when my ovulation kicks in I feel like the horniest most beautiful beast in the whole world, a sexual superwoman. When it hits, I’m flirty, open and in love with the world, singing in the shower, saying hello the baker down the road, all the while with a tingling in my pussy. I get turned on by seeing myself in the mirror, I’m like “DAMN I look hot! I would fuck me!” Everything is hotter about me when I ovulate. I feel like dressing sexier, wearing a red lip stick, my slutty perfume. When I was single and ovulating, god knows I had some wild hook-ups when going out. Nothing could stop the sex demon in me. When I ovulate, I can barely concentrate at work, I sit at my desk with my pussy wet, just thinking about filth all day, breathing heavily. I can’t wait to go home and jump on my boyfriend. He can’t believe his luck. I demand him to get his cock out and he obeys, we fuck like beasts, I feel like a sex goddess, the source of all life, I can’t get enough. He knows he should make the most of it while I’m like this so he fucks me good and hard like a good boy. And next month it will be same story all over again.