A Sexual Fantasy

— By a long-time lurker

Since I was a kid I had this thing about hypnosis, and being hypnotized by a woman has been one of the strongest erotic fantasies of mine for a long time. When I was a teen this actually upset me, but as I grew up, and understood more about me and my sexuality, I eventually came to the conclusion that this weird attraction is and will always be a part of me. Not that I'm proud of it, but all in all I think this fetish is "special", more classy and sophisticated than the typical foot-licking, sado-masochistic action that people tend to associate with fetishism.
What is so special about my fascination is that it's the very act of being pulled under that is erotic to me. Being seduced, relaxed, lulled, and led outside of self-awareness is something that makes me frantically excited; no need for explicit language (which is a welcome addition, though!).
Some years ago I stumbled upon a hypno-fetish internet community. I realized that such kind of fantasies are actually more common then I thought, and I eventually acted it out by listening to some mp3 files. The first experiences were frustrating, but then there was a particular recording that really got me... as soon as I realized something weird was happening, I came really hard! I still experience, from time to time, those "hypno-orgasms", and they are absolutely crazy, unique, mind-blowing.
I never told anybody except my wife, who isn't interested in exploiting this fetish unluckily. She tried to play the sexy hypnotist, but she's not into it of course, and the result was more amusing than exciting. I love her and we enjoy a fulfilling "normal" sexual life, so I didn't insist.
Still, I must confess there are times when I close my eyes, and imagine her sitting next to me, whispering sweet words to my hear, telling me it's ok to feel more and more relaxed, every word she says, and that as I breath deep everything becomes easier, I can eeeeasily feel heeeeavier and heavier, and as I go deeeeper and deeper I may just notice my arousal, my hardness, building eeever so slooowly...