olympic 1500m speed skating

A Sexual Fantasy

— By arieroos

After watching the olympic 1500m speed skating, I imagine myself kissing an speed skater wearing the tight fitting suit.


I feel her hands touching everywhere as she checks out my body. She kneels in front of me and her fingers follow the contours of my erect penis, I am completely naked under my suit. I look into her horney blue eyes while see removes her hood revealing her curling long dark hair. She slowly moves the zipper of my suit down kissing and stroking my torso. When the zipper is at the lowest point I start stroking her hair while she moves her hands inside my suit and starts massaging my balls and penis.


Finally she removes my suit completely and puts my hands on my head. She starts walking around me, judging whether I am up to her standards. This is the most erotic situation I am ever been in: being checked out naked by a beautifull woman in a tight shape-revealing suite. Suddenly she kneels for me again an this time she kisses my balls and sucks my cock. I think I passed the test. She moves up and gives me a very deep kiss, I can taste my own juices in her mouth. She gives me control by moving my hands from my head to her hips. My body wants to fuck her immediately, but my mind is telling me she deserves more than that.


Now it's my turn to put her hands on her head and judge her shapes revealed by her suit. Her small firm breast, tight ass, long legs and the shape of her lips between these legs. I move myself behind her and start stroking her breast. When I touch her stiff nipples I feel an electric shock going through her body. I move her zipper down revealing her breast completely.While I move my hands slowly in the direction of her cunt, she is pressing her butt against my penis. I softly caress her pussy, discovering it is completely shaven. She opens her legs and I can feel how wet she is.


Now I can no longer control my lust and I quickly remove her suit and lay her on her back, I have to eat that pussy, I have to taste her juices. The following lovemaking is barely enough to ease all the accumulated horniness.