An older man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wen

You need an older man. A silver fox 15, 20, even 25 years your senior. You have to pick the right one. One who has never married or had kids. One who has traveled the world and knows all about its pleasures. One who can tell you the best stories. One who is tall and well-built, who has wrinkles from laughing and wrinkles from coming. Do it when you are old enough not to be Lolita anymore, but young enough to make him feel like a boy.
You need an older man who invites you to dinner and chooses the best wines. One who makes you feel treasured and cared for and special. One who brings you to his apartment and showers you with champagne and feeds you strawberries.
You need an older man who lays you in bed and blindfolds you and takes care of everything. One who caresses and teases you all over, oh so slowly, until you are all wet and eager. One who gently eases a finger in your ass, then two, then a plug, opening up a new route just for your pleasure. One who knows how to rub that spot inside you just the right way, keeping the tension high until you come screaming and squirting. One that finally fucks you as if he were twenty again.
Yes, you definitely need an older man.