Nude and Free!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SliceTheDice

This is not really a sexual confession, it's more of a story of how I accepted my body and about exploring being in the nude with others around. It started when I first went to a mixed sauna with a friend. At first I was quite nervous because I've never been nude in front of people I've never seen before. On second thought, however, this might have made it even easier. Thoughts like 'how will the others react to me (especially the girls)?', 'will they stare?', 'will it be awkward?' and 'how can I sit without exposing my most private parts to everyone?' rushed through my head. Initially I hesitated a bit but once I was in there and got rid of my protective towel I felt a great relief. None of my worries were realised. Being nude among all the other naked and also imperfect people quickly felt so unfamiliarly natural. I slowly started to accept my own imperfections. Since then I've come a long way and even think that it is not an immaculate appearance but the little imperfections that make people really beautiful. I'm also playing with the thought of going one step further and go to a nude beach this summer to have this sensation of being nude and free again.