new lingerie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rosanne

Sometimes, I like to buy some nice lingerie just for myself - because it makes me feel confident and sexy. However, in my local lingerie store works a beautiful woman that always catches my eye. One day I'm in the fitting room trying on a sheer bra in red lace, and she's helping me with the size. Our eyes meet through the mirror and linger a bit too long. I look away and feel her finger move along the bra on my back. She compliments me on how it looks. I look up again, feel her finger move up along the strap, and I feel aroused. Her hands move to the front while we keep eye contact, and they land on my breasts. "Perfect fit," she whispers while squeezing them gently. I close my eyes and moan softly. I feel her kiss my back, and one hand glides over my stomach to my underwear. Slowly it goes in as her other hand massages my breast. "Keep quiet," she whispers. My hands move to the mirror for support, and I feel her start to rub on my clit while her fingers pinch my erect nipple through the lace. I start panting and feel myself getting wetter and wetter. She kisses my neck, and I open my eyes. I see myself in the mirror: one breast meanwhile freed from the bra and her fingers making circles around the nipple, her other hand in my underwear rubbing my clit. I rest my head on the mirror as I feel my orgasm approaching. I suddenly feel her turning me around to suck on the freed nipple. "Fuck", I softly moan as the pressure on my clit increases. I feel myself come as her tongue flicks against my nipple in her mouth. I look at her when I've come down from my high, and she winks up at me. "I don't think another size will be needed," she smiles while exiting my fitting room.