Never have I ever

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tonja

had an orgy in the shower. I was living with 5 other students in a dorm appartment in Germany. One afternoon we and some friends were too bored to go party in the city and overall too bored for anything. So we started with a drinking game of "never have I ever" which soon ended in everyone checking out everybody elses turn-ons and offs. We had music playing in the living room and at some point I said: "I'm gonna take a shower, who is going to join me?" Nobody really reacted at first, but two friends of mine disappeared. When I got to the bathroom, the two girls were already in the shower, naked and kissing. I took off my bra and jumped in. The boys were shyly looking around the corner, and soon joined us. There were 8 of us. 3 guys and 5 girls. But one of the girls got locked out, when she ran to get something (I forgot what that was). So at one point I was in the shower with a dick in one hand, kissing another girl, while my best friend was giving head to another guy standing at the sink. Later we paired up and I went to the dorm room of a friend who was out of town to fuck that one guy. Unfortunately we broke her bed, had to take down the matress and fucked on the floor. Then we fucked some more on the sofa in the living room and another couple came in and splashed some cold water over my boobs while I was sitting on the guy. But the best thing about that story is, how very gentle and friendly and careful everyone was with each other in the shower. I felt totally at ease and happy. Nothing was planned. It was my only orgy experience so far and it was perfect.