Natural Thermal Spa

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Victoria

Many years ago I was living on Lesvos Island in North Aegean Sea, an island well known for its natural hot springs. I used to visit a thermal spa almost everyday. It was a nude one and separated for male and female. I was feeling really stressed at that period of time and the hot healing water helped me a lot. I was feeling free getting naked around other naked women. It was my first experience in nudity and I was feeling great! It was also my first experience around naked women playing with their bodies, touching each other, massaging each other. I was really shy to become friends and get close to the other women. But I remember that I was admiring their bodies, their breasts and sometimes, even though I prefer men, I was getting a little horny. One day a woman almost 20 years older than me came to the spa. She was very kind and friendly. She kept staring at me. At first I felt uncomfortable. But when she introduced herself to me, I relaxed and felt so comfortable with her. She was talking about her life, her children, her job. She was touching her body, enjoying the water, telling how healing the water is and how much it will benefit my whole body. She started massaging my neck and my back and then for the first time I felt her nipples touching my back. It was so stimulating. While she was giving me advice for the benefits of the water, she was touching several parts of my body in a natural and not embarrassing way. I felt so comfortable with her. She reinforced me to touch her body also. And I did! It was so soft and juicy. She asked me to get out of the spa to get some fresh air and to sunbath to the beach next to the spa. I said yes, why not? We were lying naked on the beach alone, talking and laughing. Then she asked if she could apply sunscreen on my body. Her touch was so tender. She touched me everywhere and her hand touched my pussy. She started playing gently with my pussy. I was already wet. We kissed. She was kissing me everywhere, my breasts, my belly, my pussy. She ate my pussy. We were scissoring our pussies and I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life. She stayed on the island for a week. Everyday we were meeting in the spa and we were intimate. For the first time in my life I was feeling free and alive. My whole body was revived. I have never seen her since then. No social media in that years. But it’s difficult to forget this experience. As I was writing my confession, the memories were so vivid that my body was shaking again.