My Roommate Turns Me On

A Sexual Fantasy

— By coconutgirl

I wake up in my apartment in Colombia shared with my latin friend. We are both girls. She's my friend but she is so sexy, she taught me a lot about sex and she has big boobs, small legs, some tattoos skinny legs, some part of the hair shaved. I put on a transparent shirt with some shorts because I was sleeping naked and I had a dream about sex. I go to the kitchen and start preparing a fruit smoothie, listening to Buena Vista Social Club, cutting the fruit, mango, strawberries, peach, and then one of my roommates appears in the kitchen and starts to play with me and we are both a little sleepy but horny. Anyway I keep making the smoothie till she makes me come by touching my clitoris and my tits through the shirt because it makes me horny. Then we pretend nothing happened, we both have boyfriends :)