My Playground

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Machinemaria

I walk into a large, dark room. Glass walls and floors. I'm not sure if anyone is watching but I don't care. I'm here for me.

I'm in a personal amusement park. A space just for me to try new dicks, see what I need. In the center of the room are 2 vertical metal poles, sturdy fixtures from the ceiling to the floor with two horizontal metal poles affixed to each. An adult jungle gym with glass torsos attached.

I climb onto the first dick, a wide male torso with a long skinny penis. I feel like a young girl jumping on the rails at a sporting event, standing on the lower pole and holding on to the higher one, heaving my body and utilizing the poles to pull myself up and down, closer and farther away as I need. I move to the next in a long line of glass bodies, this one a female figure with large, glassy breasts and a very thick member. I spend a long time trying each one out, enjoying myself in this playground.