Model and Artist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SequentialLust

One of my favorite things to do is live figure drawing. It's fun, challenging, and has given me a new appreciation for the human form. I've become more aware of sensuality through carefully observing and translating the model's poses over the years that I've been practicing. It's a great feeling as an artist when the model says I have captured what she was communicating with the pose. A skilled model can really bring out the best in the artist.

Most sessions remain professional, but my fantasy is a model who leads me on a sensual journey of her body with each pose. She exhibits each part of her body, but the closest I come to feeling her contours is the translation of them onto my paper. As the session progresses her poses tell a story of how she wants me to take her, checking my work between each pose to make sure I'm still with her. Her poses become a bit more erotic, but nothing too overt to give away our game. At the end of the session, she tells me she loves the work we've made together and asks me about modeling privately to see what else she can get out of me.