The many flavors of this pizza

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

This is about the latest pizza I ordered, it came in a different way I expected... I live in an apartment block, with a buzzer to let people in from the street. When the pizza arrived, I hit the buzzer, without checking, so, when my doorbell rang, I got a very gentle surprise. When I opened the door, the cutest pizza delivery girl I've ever seen, stood in front of me. She saw my surprise, so she adked, you DID order a pizza, ma'am? I said yes and asked her in, searching for money. Since I am alone, I asked if she wanted to eat it with me, and to my surprise, she said yes!Soon, we were sitting on the couch, eating pizza and drinking wine. When I accidentally touched her, I could feel a spark jumping over, and she smiled and kissed me on my mouth...Soon we were touching each other all over, and when I touched her between her legs, I noticed she had a (0) moustache like patch of pubic hair around her pussy, which looked very sexy! Suddenly, we were fully naked and she started to play with my full heavy breasts, licking my big pointy nipples. I caressed her little perky tits, and went down on her, eating that beautiful pussy out. When she came, she blushed, looking super cute. Now she went for my pleasure, fingering me, surprised that ALL her fingers fitted in there... I asked her to stop, rushed to my bedroom, and returned with a bottle of lube, and begged her to push her hand in as deep as possible. When it was all the way in, she blushed again, asking what I wanted. I asked her to push it in and out as fast and deep as possible, until I orgasmd. I played with my big clit, and soon it came, the fiercest orgasm I ever had, with her hand in me, my vulva contracting around it, so she couldn't move her arm anymore... After, we showered together, caressing each others body's with shower gel. When I let her out, we exchanged phone numbers, and now we are regular lovers. I can't wait for the next pizza delivery...