Lunch break desire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Passi

I know him for years. I know he's very active sexually and I'am a happily married woman who never thought about cheating her husband, at least not seriously ....

One night, half a year ago, I went with some friends to visit him -this guy, not my husband- at his bar. We drank a lot. Suddenly, he started talking about his sexual experiences, his desires and voracious appetite for women.

Since then I cannot stop thinking of how it would be to have sex with him. Just one night, and then I'd go back to usual business ... I want him to do things to me that I would never dare to ask my husband. I want him to play with me, to fuck me from all sides, to strap me in bed, to give me gentle whippings. I clearly want to be dominated by him.

Every time I see him, I have the same nasty ideas. I can't stop thinking about it without blushing an getting quite hot.

Should I ask him? Oh, I want him so much.

Damn... I should rather go back to work and calm down ....