Lick My Mango

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mango Lover

It was a hot summer's day, I came home to my girlfriend cutting up a fresh mango. Mangos are my favorite you see – sweet, juicy, fruity – but this was no regular mango, this was extra juicy. When she cut it in half and twisted off the seed, all the juice came flowing down her hands, she moaned with pleasure and excitement as she knew she'd soon indulge such ripened fruit. She bit into it, the first bite, and quickly started sucking on the succulent mango seed, her eyes full of pleasure. She looked me dead in the eye and said, "Lick my mango." With juice running down her hands and arms. I did as she said and lost myself in her pleasure. I sucked on her mango, and moved down her hands covered in juice, it was so delicious I had to lick her entire hand and suck on it. I made my way down her arm, her chest, also covered in sweetness, then her mouth. We were so aroused, our bodies covered in sweet, juicy mango! (These are two women eating each other's mangos.)