Lick My Breasts

A Sexual Fantasy

— By miacara

Last night I had one of the hottest dreams I ever had. It made me orgasm in my sleep. I was meeting some friends, and on my way home I had to use an elevator. In this elevator there was a girl who was a bit younger than me (I am 26), she looks cheeky, black hair, some piercings, tattoos, and has a wild look in her eyes. She smiled at me and suddenly pushes up my shirt, and she puts without any hesitation both hands on my big breasts. I shiver from pleasure. I then take her head and push her head towards my breasts. She starts to lick them with her full tongue, she is totally mental about my breasts ... I push my breasts towards her, her head towards me ... then I look to the right; there is a guy standing, he is observing us quietly, enjoying himself.