Lesson to my pupil

A Sexual Fantasy

— By redsett

One of my fantasies is being the object of a lesson: there is the pupil, learning how to please women - in this case, me. And there is the master, instructing him on how to do this.
The master tells the pupil how to start touching me, to kiss my breasts while watching for the first signs of pleasure. To use his hands and his mouth on my pussy, to experiment with my reaction to different fingers inside me. The master points out the signs of my pleasure - the way my breath goes faster, my breasts peak, how I get wet with arousal. The pupils reward for my first orgasm is my hand and mouth on his cock. Then the master teaches the pupil how to fuck me: how varying the position of my legs affects the intensity of his fucking, how to please me from behind, how to vary the speed to prolong my pleasure and so on.... and a very thorough lesson it is.