Ladies in Lingerie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By La_Noir

Pre pandemic I went to my first lingerie party. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I’m not one to typically go to things like that, but I felt safe with my friends who invited me so I figured I’d give it a go. We all met up at the host’s house with our outfits on under our clothes to avoid any weird looks from anyone who might walk by. Once inside we were greeted at the door by the host who showed us were we could change and put our stuff. I received a lot of compliments for my lace bodysuit by my friends, as well as a couple of other women who I met that night which felt really nice. One woman in particular though caught my attention very quickly as she looked absolutely gorgeous in her sheer body stockings, pasties, and practically non existent thong panties. Just the sight of her got me decently wet, and the fact that they were trying to sell us sex toys and sexy lingerie didn’t help either. I didn’t end up speaking to her outside of our brief interaction, mostly because I was already taken and I had no interest in cheating on my partner. However I do often fantasize about what would have happened if I had been in the position to make a move on her. Like what if I called my fiancé and he encouraged me to go after her? Sadly I’ll never truly know but it’s fun to think about every so often.