Laboratory Affairs

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LauraRopes

Hi, so this fantasy requires a bit of background; I’ve worked in labs for quite some time, and I’ve seen a few things there, mainly how separate rooms are isolated in a way in which little to no sound can be heard from room to room, which makes for a perfect environment for a few things, mostly personal secrets being shared between colleagues, a lot of them about past or present sexual experiences, but especially since when I came out to colleagues I found that, due to the rooms being like that, a lot of closeted people also came out to me in return, since they had no fear of being heard, which made for a pretty queer, safe space. The second thing is what happens in some labs in summer. Since the weather is very hot and machines tend to heat it up, most people opt just to wear the lab coat and underwear, nothing else, since that’s the way we can cool off the most. So, here’s the fantasy, although it’s more of an idea since it’s not quite developed yet; I’ve always fantasized about the sexual tension in the lab (or in a sterile room) reaching a point where everyone just lets loose and starts passionately giving in to the tension. In particular, there was a girl who I worked with in an old job that I was really really into, and who would often tell me about how she and her girlfriend go to swinger clubs and what they do there. And between that, knowing we were in a room where nothing from inside could be heard and having no clue if the other person was wearing anything at all under the coat, that got me pretty heated up. And sometimes, we’d be 3 or 4 in the same room, and while conversations never got as heated up, sexual themes were usually talked about, and I could also picture group sex happening there if the right conditions were met. So that’s the fantasy, and as a footnote, I want to add that, as a performer, if you feel the idea is good enough and that I could be a good fit, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am also starting to produce myself, although that’s a very early idea, so I could also help out with the material and such to simulate a lab if needed.