Knowing a stranger fucks my Girlfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bahadir

Last night, I told my girlfriend of 3 years how much it turns me on thinking about her cheating on me. She found it a bit strange at first but when she realised I was serious told me she's always cheated on me.

Before we started going out, she'd slept with over 100 guys. This turned me on from the start, she found it really hard to say no. When we were seeing each other, before we were exclusive, we were at a house party. There was a big muscly guy who gave her a lot of attention and even picked her up and carried her around while talking to her.

I couldn't get her attention anymore and eventually gave up and went to bed. 15 minutes later, I heard them come up the stairs, she came into the room and I pretended to be asleep. She found my wallet and pulled out a condom and left the room quietly. I think every room in the house was occupied as I heard her say this was the only place they could be on their own.

I then heard a lot of kissing and groaning and then realised he was slowly f****** her up against the wall on the other side of where I was sleeping. I was hurt but at the same time hard as a rock. I could hear her quietly orgasming and he must have as well as a minute later she came back into the room and got into bed with me. She started rubbing my c*** and I pretended to wake up. She was flushed and so h****.

I started fingering her, she was so wet and I went to reach for my wallet to get a condom. She pulled me back and said she wanted me to come inside her, which I did, very quickly.

I never told her I knew what she did until last night. She said things like that have happened so many times since we've been together. I asked her to whisper the stories in my ear while we made love.

She began to tell me how her boss has been f****** her in his office over his desk when I came very quickly. I have a feeling there's going to be plenty of stories to come...