Inspecting the Troops

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dana

I have a fantasy that begins with a large group of young soldiers in a noisy bar, drinking and enjoying themselves. When I come into the bar with my husband and the drill sergeant, they all jump from their seats and line up for inspection. I walk slightly ahead of my husband, very stern, and one by one the soldiers’ penises become erect, beginning with the first soldier and ending with the one at the end of the line. Being the young men they are, their full erections end up at a very steep angle (almost touching their taut stomachs). Delicious. I give an almost imperceptible nod of approval. But then I see the man at the end doesn't quite measure up to his inspection, due to his heavy consumption of alcohol. I gently prod his underperforming penis with my black riding crop with a look of disapproval. The sergeant looks furious. The soldier is sweating with nerves, but not to worry, I kneel and unbuckle his trousers, removing his soft fleshy member. Then I undo my blouse to explose my breasts and lean down to run my tongue up the shaft and around the head. Finally, when I lift my skirt to show him my bare arse and pussy, all soldiers are at full attention.