I worry about my penis size

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MissyMag

Hell what are those dreams supposed to mean? Sometimes I just think it's trash and sometimes I think the subconscious is trying to articulate itself through them. But enough of Freud (so far). I'll just proceed lie down and tell you my dream. I dreamt of my girlfriend asking me to go shop in a sexshop with her. She told me she wanted a vibrator. In the shop she went to show me some products and asked my opinion. I held up smaller and medium sized models and she said "No" to them all and waved them off. She's actually a pretty petite girl and my penis size is average so I was pretty shocked when she held up a gigantic looking vibrator. Is this an anxiety of my penis being too short or the so called Castration anxiety because I fear that I (or better my penis) might be replaced by a machine? Tell me Sigmund.