I Wish I Was a Lesbian

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dazednconfused

Barcelona: what a lovely city!! Thanks to a very cheap plane ticket I've found online, I'm going to visit it at last. A guy from my work I'm dating (not a formal boyfriend yet) has given me the address of a couple of lesbian friends he has. Apparently they are very cool and kind and completely into the city's scene etc etc etc. I confess I am a bit overwhelmed because I've never considered myself the hype kind of person. But since I am still an intern I can certainly accept the free lodging.

My friend's friends: I know this might sound naive but the idea of this lesbian couple scares me a little. I can't help but imagining two insatiable, depraved and well-dressed vamps who will fuck me or laugh at me, either one thing or the other. If they all knew everything that crosses my mind!

Pornography: I confess I am watching a lot of lesbian porn, just in case. Have you ever watched lesbian porn? I don’t mean the usual crap where two Barbie dolls lick each other’s fake tits and make ‘o-faces’ at the camera. What I mean is the kind where two lesbians fuck with wild abandon and have the most amazing orgasms ever. They lick, suck, and pound using every part of their bodies and all the toys a girl could dream of. I think I could do that... Though I am a lesbian virgin! But am I forever doomed to have hetero sex?

Conclusion: I'm secretly happy about traveling alone. God, I wish I was a lesbian.