I want to straddle her face

A Sexual Fantasy

— By GreenKiss

I love watching two women having sex. I find it aesthetically perfect: two delicate, hairlesss bodies rubbing against each other, hair locks sliding through their curves... Nipple grazing nipple, fleshy lips kissing.
When I meet an attractive woman, I fantasize about rubbing against every inch of her soft skin. I'd love my clit to feel her nipples, her lips, even her nose, or her toes.
But my ultimate, secret fantasy is straddling her face. There are many lumpy protuberances that I want my vulva to feel: thick lips, damp velvet tongue, perfectly shaped Greek nose, tickling eyelids and blowing mouth. I want the most sensitive part of my body to feel her body folds.
Then I want her to come on my mouth: I want to feel her, smell her, eat her, see her, and of course, hear her cries of pleasure.
I want to feel her with all my five senses.