A Sexual Fantasy

— By Golkonda

She is my new hairdresser. When I do my hair I go after hours in her salon. On the chair I sit naked covered only with cutting cape. She is comfortable too, having on her self her pin-up hairstyle and short silk kimono.
She bends over me fixing my hair and her tits slip outside one by one. When the nipples are in the open I spray them with water pump making her ticklish but making them hard.
As she combs my hair she sneaks in her other hand and strokes my dick under the cutting cape. Standing next to me she lifts one leg over me on the arm of the armchair offering me her pussy.
Next music on the radio is flamenco. As the tune begins she loose her kimono, strip the cutting cape from me, ties the cutting cape over her waist (as a long dress) and topless she performs flamenco lapdance.
Then she jumps over me. The chair is turning and she is twisting her pelvis on my cock. I strip her “flamenco dress” and with it I tie her elbows behind her back. She grabs my balls as she jumps. I bend her in front of the mirror and the frame light bulbs are trembling when I bang her hard making stroboscopic flash effect when climax comes.
We’ll finish my haircut tomorrow – after hours…