The Hottest Dance...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sissi

I feel sexiest when I'm dancing. Not just shaking my booty in a cramped club, but dancing with my whole body in a studio. The high expectations from the teacher make the session more thrilling by the minute. Dancing requires concentration, body tension and an authentic sensuality, which I can truly develop during the lesson. The perfect setting for sexual anticipation.


Like a fight to conquer myself and bring my entire body to a maximum level of lust, I take in every correction my hard-bodied teacher gives me, in an attempt to reach absolute perfection - and to seduce even him, the most demanding of all. The minutes go by, the rhythm get's harder, our bodies sweatier, and our eyes more eager.
Suddenly correcting me verbally isn't enough, he comes over to me from the back and touches my arms and legs firmly to put them into place. I turn my head, and I see his eyes, full of passion. We kiss ferociously whilst the hot music continues playing, and our bodies move in rhythm with it. I press my ass against his hips, feeling the hard cock against my cheeks. He takes my hips and moves them to the music, caressing my body from my cunt to my breasts, maintaing his muscular chest closely against my back. I slip my hand into his tracksuit, reaching for the warm dick and pressing it firmly, always in rythm with the music. We get closer and closer to the mirrored wall, sensing the reflexion of our heated bodies.


He turns me around, stretches out my arms and I willingly give in, whilst he takes one hand down to my shorts and pulls it down slowly before going down on me. I can't believe the arousal I am feeling, when he comes back up and enters me vigorously. I scream of pleasure, moving my hips in desire for more. I turn around and bend down, reaching my toes with my fingers and stretching out my arse for his dick to enter me again, and again. He pulls me back up and presses me against the wall, playing with my clit and my nipples, kissing my neck when we both finish, appeased, with the music playing its last notes.