High on you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By b.m

My friends invited me to a party at one of their apartments. The apartment is kind of small and dark, full of posters and “hippie” decorations. It belongs to the girl that everybody in our group secretly wants and most have made out with at some point, as I did a couple of weeks ago at a similar party, which was my first kiss with a girl, it got intense but everybody around us made it awkward and we stopped. Ever since then I’ve had the urge to do it again. At this point we are all kind of drunk and high. I watch her as she rolls the last blunt and licks the paper. She has a few tattoos and a lot of strange jewellery on her ears. Somehow we end up next to each other and I start caressing her leg with the top of my fingers, she pierces her brown eyes into mine while she passes me the blunt. The party continues but the tension never goes away, after a while I go into one of the rooms to change into my pijamas thinking I will be going back to the living room in less than one minute. As I take off my bra and put on a shirt I hear her open the door. She walks in, tells me with a raspy voice that its getting boring out there and asks if I want to stay with her, I say “sure”. We are sitting on her bed talking but not really getting anywhere with the conversation, I get distracted by her hand that goes up and down my thigh always seeming to go back to the lower part of it when I least want it to. We look at each other and slowly start getting closer and closer till our lips lock. She starts taking off my clothes and I do it to her as well, we continue making love until we can’t do it anymore and fall asleep besides each other.