Hedonistic Worship

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Luni_Corn

I like to imagine living in a temple that honors a hedonistic goodess. We eat, drink, feat, only dressed in silk and other sensual robes. Dancing, touching, loving and honoring the bodies of everyone around is part of the daily routine, regardless what gender, sex, bodytype we have - it is all about lust, hedonism, love, appreciation of the physical and sensual and emotional well-being. Of course, one of the most sacred acts, although it is celebrated almost daily (depending on what everyone desires), a special celebration of the divine connectedness of everyone and everything, is sex (which can but doesn't have to include circlusion). With myself, with another person living the, with someone on the outside who comes to worship, with a group of people - all of this may and will be. Some may participate, some may watch, some may do both - focus shifting from me being with me and my joy, to you and contributing to your joy, to enjoying the experiences of others all around me...from me to you to all people present, merging into one pile of lust, satisfaction and trance-like pleasure.