The Hairy Underarms Aesthetic

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mawww

She invited me to her home as her parents left. I rushed her to the bed. She was wearing pajamas and full sleeved T-shirt.I kissed her madly and licked her face, she responded the same. I undressed her T-shirt and lingerie and licked all over her back. Her tits were tight and small, I bit them hard and she moaned. I have a fetish for genital and armpit hair. She had grown them out for me. Pushing her arms upwards I ate her hairs, the smell made me love her like never before. Then I undressed her pajama bottoms. Licked her hairy vagina and kissed her labia, pushing my tongue inside as the cream flowed, that smell turned me on. Then I started penetrating to my extent as she moaned, she wrapped my head under her underarms, her hairs covering my lips as I kissed and ate them. Then I ate her ass forcing my tongue inside and she shivered. I ejaculated on her underarms. We kissed and bit her nipples hard, making marks on her neck and boobs.