God might be dead, but pleasure isn't

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xxxJessxxx

I'm 28 and kind of in limbo. I didn't finish my master's, I'm working in hospitality, and I have no idea where my life is going. I enrolled in a few short courses at uni, because I've always loved to learn and I've been missing academia. I'm taking an existentialism philosophy course online and my lecturer is incredibly gorgeous. She's a PhD student, so she can't be much older than me. I struggle to focus on the content, because I am distracted by her pretty face. She's got dark hair, big brown eyes, a big smile and the cutest laugh. She sort of looks like Victoria Pedretti. I have no idea if she's single, queer, and if it is ethical for me to ask her out, but I am considering asking her out when the course is finished. My fantasy is that at the end of the online course, we all decide to go to meet in a pub, have drinks, and chat about philosophy. She comes through and her and I chat about Nietzsche, Sartre, death, choice, and freedom. People start slowly leaving, until it's just the two of us. We're both slightly tipsy, but lively from the conversation. I confess that I fancy her, arguing that if nothing is inherently meaningful and we all die anyway, I may as well take my chance. She giggles and inches closer. I put my hand on her thigh and lean in. We kiss. She whispers "Come home with me," and grabs my hand. In the taxi home we talk, laugh and make out. We get to her place and have incredibly hot sex, which results in both of us having an orgasm. I say "God might be dead, but pleasure isn't". I go home and finish reading Nietzsche.