Glastonbury Fuck Festival

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Christmastree

A few years back I was at the Glastonbury festival in the UK. This is the biggest most hedonistic and debauched festival in the world. It is so big that it is pointless trying to be with friends or arrange meetings. You just need a survival kit ( drugs, tobacco, toilet paper, tooth paste and a raincoat) and to let go. So after I lost my friends I started wandering until I ended up by a stage that played great drum'n'bass. I was dancing on my own and I was having a great time until I saw this guy looking at me intensely. I didn't think much about him. He came and talked to me and I let him. Before I knew it we were having amazing hugs and kisses. We ended up in the morning hours wandering in the sea of tents looking for somewhere to fuck. We found his tiny tent and spent a few very hot hours. It was awesome. The week after he came to my town and we spent the weekend at a hotel drinking tequila and having the hottest most sensual sex. Yum!