Fuck now, hello later

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hurricanecurls

We've only met a few times, but the routine is always the same. I walk from the tube station to his block of flats, and ring the bell. He answers, in his dressing gown; he's been waiting for me. When we're inside the hallway, and the door is closed, he's kissing me without saying hello, and before long he whispers 'on your knees', and I drop - his cock is already hard, ready for me to suck.

I can hear street noises from just a foot away outside the door; cars, voices, footsteps. We're in a hallway where there are people behind every door of every flat; anyone could come out at any moment and catch us. I am on alert for noise and footfalls on the floorboards, nearly afraid of discovery, but he winds his hand through my hair and pulls me in further, and I know he'll protect my honour if someone stumbles upon us like this.

It only lasts for a few minutes before he brings me upstairs to his bedroom but sometimes I wonder what else we could get away with, how far we could go; whether he could return the favour on his knees and go down on me on the stairs, or fuck me as I cling to the bannisters, all the while both of us shivering and gleeful with the thought of being caught.

It's only a short climb to his flat. Maybe we won't even make it there someday.